Respect and care for the environment have been a fundamental part of Ventisquero Wine Estates since its foundation in 1998. Our policies are oriented towards respect for the environment, our communities and suppliers. All our vineyards were planted in total harmony with the streams and natural corridors. We have conserved each of the trees in the vineyards and take care of them as essential organisms in the balance of life.

Energy Efficency

Since 2015, we have been working with an energy platform that measures each of the energy flows in our winery (water, fuel and electricity), differentiating consumption by area and machine. By evaluating the productivity of each area and machine and comparing it with its consumption, it is possible to implement projects with savings initiatives. Thanks to this platform, two new projects have been launched: the change of industrial lighting for LED technology with a saving of 80% of electrical energy and new heat pump technology in the casino and changing room sector for heating water (supplied partly by photovoltaic panels). In March 2020, the Leyda photovoltaic project was launched. This implies that it will generate 164,900 kWh of clean energy for our winery and that 80 tons of CO2 will not be emitted per year.

Efficient use of water

With the aim of continuing to produce high-quality wines, but with less water than before, our viticultural team decided to "re-educate" the vineyards in order to stimulate the exploration of roots to take advantage of all the water in the soil. Specifically, in our vineyard in the Maipo Valley, water consumption was reduced by 50%, going from 1,680 m3/ha to 850 m3/ha. In the Colchagua vineyard, water consumption was reduced by 80%, going from 2,130 m3/ha to 450 m3/ha. In 2018, 4 hectares of dry vineyards were planted in Apalta, without any type of irrigation. Now this project has 7 more hectares in Maipo, completing 11 ha. By 2023 we hope to complete the 25 hectares without irrigation.


In 2021 we recovered 73% of the waste we generate, which is equivalent to 1,847m3 of water (equivalent to 15,300 15-minute showers) and 314,000 kg of Co2 (equivalent to taking 76 cars off the road). Our packaging materials are recycled and tracked weekly. The plastic trays are returned to the suppliers and the disused wood chips are used as compost for the garden. Since 2001, we have used 100% of the pomace (skins and seeds) of the grape to make compost and use it as fertilizer for the vineyards. The 2023 goal: reach 100% recoverability.

Social Responsibility

We hire 100% of our production team from local communities in Melipilla, Las Cabras, Peumo and surroundings in central Chile. • We work on different projects with the community. One of them was the reconstruction of the “Los Pececitos” school after the 2010 earthquake. • We are members of the Sedex ethical audit: SMETA II. • Since 2015, we have worked in close collaboration with small winegrowers in the Itata Valley, who are our allies, paying on average 50% more than the market price for their grapes as a Fair-Trade practice.

Soil and water management

EsWe are developing different rootstocks that are resistant to salt in different soil conditions in the Huasco area, as the vines planted there need to survive in complex dry and saline conditions..

Our Vineyards

We produce high-quality, avant-garde, modern wines with grapes from our own vineyards in Chile's most important wine-producing regions.

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Winemakers and Viticulturists

The heart of Ventisquero Wine Estates is our experienced young team, who challenge the limits when it comes to creating what we are most passionate about... the best wines.

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Because we love the Earth and its fruits, all of us at Ventisquero Wine Estates are committed to respecting and caring for our environment.

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