At Ventisquero Wine Estates, we are committed to quality, safety, and care for the environment. Our production processes comply with product safety standards to care for our customers and our environment and are governed by the standards of current national legislation, in terms of labor and environmental care. We were the first winery to receive the “Certified Sustainable Wine of Chile” Seal, obtaining the certification of 100% of our vineyards

Sustainability Code

National Code of Sustainability of the Chilean Wine Industry

The purpose of auditing this code is the convergence of environmentally friendly, socially equitable and economically viable production. For this, 3 areas were defined: Green Area: Vineyard, Red Area: Winery, Orange Area: Community.


Global Standard for Food Safety (2011)

Mandatory parameters/questions set by British supermarkets to ensure that the product complies with the food hygiene and safety requirements of their clients.


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

These procedures and methods are designed to ensure food safety, decreasing the risk that wine may be contaminated during the production process. They ensure that consumers’ health is not impacted.