Mission and Vision

"Look forward, enjoy the process and respect the land to deliver the best Chilean wine to the world"

At Ventisquero Wine Estates, we know that the key to remaining agile in a changing world is having both the drive to continue forward and the zeal to do so. Always with humility and respect. Our team’s energy, creativity, and heart motivate us; while our regions, vineyards, and varieties provide the map.

Across each of our brands, our commitment is to do well by our land, people, and consumers. That’s why every day, since our founding in 1998, we commit ourselves anew to uncovering Chilean winemaking and to honoring those who make this possible. For us, that’s the only way forward.

Our ultimate vision is to share the amazing origins of our country, with the world.



When it comes to vineyards, we feel at home. In a place of confidence, humility and commitment. In our house we are conscious; cultivating our relationship with the planet through sustainable practices that we update every year.


We are avant-garde; experimenting with different styles of winemaking and technological advances. We are explorers, we seek to go beyond the limits. Always.


Passion starts with the family. In our house we are a family. A family that is not united by a surname, but by the passion for wine, terroir and sharing the best origins of Chile with the world.


We are founders of our own vineyards in the most recognized wine regions of Chile. We have seen each of our fields grow and mature in Maipo Costa, Casablanca, Colchagua, Leyda and Atacama where we are witnesses of how these noble terroirs deliver wines with character in each vintage.