Our History

Inspired by his passion and love for the land and farming, Chilean Gonzalo Vial Vial decided to launch a new project: a winery that would honour Chile’s origins in its processes and wines. The story began in 1996, when Martín and Eduardo Silva, together with Aurelio Montes, began to look for land they could plant on. In 1998, they planted the first vines at the Trinidad property in the coastal part of the Maipo Valley, where the new winery was built.

The project was initially called Viña Lo Miranda and was renamed Viña Vial. Then, in 1999, the new winery was formally launched with a name that paid homage to our glaciers and Chilean Patagonia: Ventisquero. At the dawn of a new millennium, the first harvest took place, led by winemaker Felipe Tosso, and the first Viña Ventisquero wines were released for sale in 2001.

Drawing on advice from Australian winemaker John Duval and thanks to a great team, the winery began to grow, opening offices in the United States and Europe and exploring plantations in other wine regions, such as Casablanca and Colchagua. Meanwhile, its wines were gaining recognition in Chile and abroad.

In 2008, Viña Ventisquero went a step beyond, daring to plant its first vines in the Huasco Valley right in the midst of the Atacama Desert. That same year, Viña Ventisquero purchased a new estate in the coastal Leyda Valley.

In 2020, Viña Ventisquero became “Ventisquero Wine Estates”, a successful conglomerate that exports 1.5 million cases of Chilean wine around the world.

Our Vineyards

We produce high-quality, avant-garde, modern wines with grapes from our own vineyards in Chile's most important wine-producing regions.

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Winemakers and Viticulturists

The heart of Ventisquero Wine Estates is our experienced young team, who challenge the limits when it comes to creating what we are most passionate about... the best wines.

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Because we love the Earth and its fruits, all of us at Ventisquero Wine Estates are committed to respecting and caring for our environment.

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